"Never regret something that once made you smile"
This girl is possibly the most strongest person i know, i’ve never met someone to go through what she has and hasnt given up, Jods you should be so bloody proud of yourself, but you don’t realise how far you’ve come, you just see all the negative when in actual fact there are soooo many positives about your journey, yes its been a bumpy ride for you, but you will eventually recover and everyone will be even more proud of you, everyone has a past, but try not to look back on it too much, you need to move forward and the past is only going to stop you from doing that, whats done is done, and yes you dont have a father figure as such, but guess whos missing out? he is. His missing out on his beautiful daughter growing up and turning her life around but its his loss. There are so many people who care about you out there, they may not be blood related but they love you Jods. Please stay strong, i hate to see you like this :( i love you <3

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